Svyaznoy Alliance LLC is a licensed integrator of SORM solutions.

Svyaznoy Alliance successfully implemented a number of SORM projects for leading telecom operators.

The main directions of the company for the implementation of SORM solutions are:

  • introduction of SORM 1 in accordance with the requirements of Orders of the Ministry of Communications No. 70 of April 20, 1999, No. 174 of July 11, 2011, No. 268 of November 19, 2012, No. 645 of January 13, 2017
  • the introduction of SORM 2 in accordance with the requirements of Order No. 83 on April 16, 2014;
  • introduction of SORM 3 in accordance with the requirements of RF Government Decree No. 538 of August 27, 2005;
  • the introduction of Federal Law No. 374 of July 6, 2016 (Yarovoi Law).

The Svyaznoy Alliance performs:

  • development of project, operational and executive documentation
  • supply of SORM equipment
  • construction, installation and commissioning works
  • organizing network resources to access the control panel
  • technical support of SORM equipment

Svyaznoy Alliance is an authorized partner of the leading companies – manufacturers of SORM equipment in the Russian Federation.