Software development

Software development
The NMS software "iTNEC-NMS-SWT" is a management system for the telecommunication DWDM equipment "Almaz".

 Key features:
  • Centralized equipment configuration management;
  • Interworking with external IT systems (OSS/BSS);
  • Network topology information;
  • Fault management, complete control over the lifecycle of DWDM network elements;
  • Performance Monitoring management of entire network and each individual element, including collecting statistical data on the operation, load, and efficiency of DWDM equipment;
  • Event logging, including collecting and storing data on network element state changes and user actions;
  • Inventory management of the DWDM network;
  • User authorization and authentication, user access management based on a role-based model;
  • Reporting system that allows exporting data in CSV format for further user processing.

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